My first week in the start-up world.

I want to say it is everything I had hoped for, but then that couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Everyone believes working in a startup is like this race, where you see the finish line and try and run as fast as you can to cross the line first.

Yes it is a race. But longer than a sprint. And Sometimes it also means getting lost.

My first week wasn’t monotonous and that is the only thing I had asked for before coming into this world.

Like I promised, this is my week one’s blog post of this new journey.

The lesson I learnt? Ideas are worthless.

We were doing a brainstorming session for coming up with a tag line for our company, and I realised almost none of my start-up’s founder were any good. To tell you the truth, they were really bad.

Since I do believe myself to be a little bit creative, I thought that my suggestions were actually pretty good.

Yet, none of my ideas were approved ☹

I went home, still trying out a few permutations and combinations for the tag line. I wanted to be the one, who comes up with the best line.

Next day, as I was taking a shower I came up with the winner. I texted Mr.Founder that line and he wasn’t impressed.

I gave up. If I couldn’t come up with a line while I was showering then there was little chance of me coming up with the line at all. The logic — All my best ideas have a general tendency to come up when I am taking a shower.

It suddenly stuck me then, every person takes shower almost every day, and so, everyone must come with cool ideas when they walk out of their washroom drenched.

That is all it takes to come up with an idea; pouring water over your head.

Yet, how many people take the risk to execute those? How many of those supposedly winner ideas did manifest into something? And how many actually mattered?

I know working on your idea is scary. But that is not why I’m writing this blog.

People do try to execute their ideas but it is not the big ideas that make you successful. How well you build your product around it is actually the only thing matters.

Doing that takes a lot more than taking a shower. You need to make countless important decisions, each one more important than the last. You have to focus on every little detail and make sure you keep improving your product every second.

That is what my supposedly non-creative, bad tag line suggesting, start-up’s founder is doing better than I could ever do.

Anybody can come up with an idea. It takes a lot more to actually execute that idea successfully.

Ideas do create a market but to utilise that potential, one has to create a Dip.
A Dip between your product and the competitor’s.

This dip prevents your competitors from copying your ideas.

I’ll give you an example. Take two great ideas Microsoft Excel and Snapchat stories. Both of these ideas created the market but only one could create The Dip.

Microsoft made its product so much better that it widened the Dip so much that no one even dared to compete with them.
The only competition they have is Libre’s version of excel, which they give out for free and Google’s Sheets, which to avoid direct competition from Excel was launched on a different platform.

On the other hand, Snapchat stories didn’t create a market dip wide enough.
Instagram and WhatsApp did use essentially the same idea to attract a greater market share in only a few months.

Yes, Instagram and WhatsApp had greater capital to invest but then so did Google.

Ideas are great, but the decisions you make are fundamental.

A week into the startup journey, I realised why ideas are worth dime a dozen and execution matters more.

Before that, I didn’t really believe in this. I always thought that, if you have an idea like Facebook, you are bound to be successful.
So, that changed.

See you at week two;)

Thanks for reading.

Hey readers, I have been using WordPress to share my stories for more than a year now.
I would love to hear some of yours sometime. Do tell me about them, and tell me how you like mine. I assure you, I listen better than I write.



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