Last week, on my 22nd birthday, I changed my LinkedIn’s summary to ‘Entrepreneur. Engineer. Story Teller.’

Three words that supposedly summarize my 22 years of lifetime.
The First word, I wanted to become, for a long time now.

My cousin once asked me, when I was in 6th grade maybe, what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t have an answer. But I had read a long word, the other day, in the Oxford dictionary my father had bought for me and I’m sure I didn’t pronounce it properly, I don’t think I completely understood its meaning too but for some unknown reason that is what I told him.

I’d be lying if I told you my entrepreneurial journey started back then. No, I probably only said it to sound cool to my elder and much more knowledgeable cousin. To his credit, he didn’t mock me. Maybe he knew too that I didn’t understand what I was talking about, what more do you expect from a 10-year-old.

Well that was the end of it and my life goals didn’t align with my 10-year-old self until I joined my college and started learning about all these wonderful founders (through story books or biographies or memoirs) who made a dent in the universe. As you can guess, Steve Jobs was one of the people who influenced me the most.

( Note : I even wanted to be an astronomer for a few years in between. )

But, now here I am. Earlier this week, I left my job to join a startup, which hasn’t started its operations yet. It is not as dramatic as it sounds, but yes, I can probably call myself an ‘Entrepreneur’ now.

The Second word : I worked hard to be able to call myself that. I studied for four years to achieve that and two years before it to just get into this college. But I realized somewhere along the way that maybe this was not the path that I wanted to tread.

Yet, I still use that word to describe myself because even though I have no intention of going through that path, it did open other doors for me.

I realized being an industrial engineer for me, is a part of me trying to be an entrepreneur. I only took up this course because one of its objectives was ‘To impart entrepreneurial skills in the students’.

It wasn’t everything I expected it to be but those four years did play a role in my development, so I decide to keep that name after all.

The Third happened by accident. It was not something I intended to be or worked directly to become. I wrote a few riddles for my college treasure hunt event. Then, I wrote something for a friend. And slowly I started to write for myself.

I started this blog some time after that and that’s how I became a story-teller.

It was completely unplanned but I’ll tell you something, it gives me a certain weird sense of satisfaction that the other two don’t. I cannot yet understand why. I’ll figure that out someday too, but So far So good.

I have been publishing blogs on my site for more than a year now and I figured I should get serious about it as well.
There is a common theme to all the three though, the are platforms to create.

I now embark on a new path in life, and I intend to document that journey through this blog. I’ll share my entrepreneurial struggle each week and this was week zero.

Week zero. It all starts now.

See you at week one.

Good bye!

Thanks for reading:)


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