Yesterday I was getting ready to go out with my friends, to celebrate some random occasion I don’t remember. Lately there have been too many random occasions for my brain to keep a track of, with one obvious constant theme, college is soon going to end.

A little fact – I am not very fond of my soon-to-become alma matter, infact I will be grateful to see the last of that place. 

So back to story, I picked out a well ironed buttoned-down shirt from my cupboard, put on a pair of pants, did my hair and peeped in the mirror to make sure nothing was out of its place. 

Next step – I covered my feet with a pair of breaking bad themed socks, and marched towards the shoe rack.

My red shoes were at their usual place, my favourite shoes deserved a designated place in the otherwise chaotic shoe rack. 

Wait. Something is not right. 

I realised something odd the moment I touched my red shoes, flakes of old skin were peeling off it. It was now wrinkly and had a fair bit of scars. The pair had grown old.

I wore this shoe, on every occasion, may have been an event or a college party, somebody’s wedding for the past 2 years and now all of a sudden, its too old for me.

It sucks to have your favourite shoe grow old, doesn’t it? 
I know it seems impish to write a blog about an old shoe and you are right, it is; but it all adds up in the end, I promise.

I’ll stop grieving about my shoes for now, and tell you a different story.

If you read my last blog, you’ll remember that I was in Himalayas just over a month ago.

It was as you can imagine an amazing experience.

One such experience was the time when I saw a sky full of stars for the first time from the peak.

I woke at 2 o’ clock in the night because my tent mate had to go to the washroom.

It was chilling outside the tents, my knees kept knocking together. I was holding the torch when I realised everything around me is pitch black. 

Then I looked up and saw what can’t be described. A sky full of stars is very underrated. It is one of the most astonishing sights in the world you could ever see and people don’t often realise it maybe.

We were on the peak of the mountain, so there was nothing to stop the sky from stretching as far as my eyes were capable of seeing.

It was endless and on that black wide sky were millions of stars, brighter than I had ever seen.  It looked like a black dress with diamonds etched in it. 

It was beautiful. And Frightening.

I stood there admiring the stars and felt so small. The weight of the stars was pulling me down. 

I realised at that moment, just how big the universe is. And how small a part of it I was. 

Yes, we have read in science books and seen in the science fiction movies that universe is huge. But, not until you experience its endlessness, can you understand what it means to be infinite.

We are so small. We think small. We build our worlds around us and then pretend to be the giants in that world. The truth is we are a infitesimely small part of the universe.

Perspective, right?

Not everything is as big as it seems. We are not giants and the problems we face aren’t so big either.

It might look like the end of the world but maybe it is no different than your favourite shoe getting old.

It did add up didn’t it? I do keep my promises.

I am not telling you the problems we face everyday are trivial. I’m merely suggesting you to once in a while look up, and believe in the endlessness of the Universe. It is a frightening sight and might be just what you need to understand what truly is important. 

Believe that every single thing, that you are experiencing is a tiny part of the elaborate plan. 

Don’t dwell on the past. No. Focus on what’s ahead. 

Thanks for reading:)

I’ve been telling stories now for more than a year now. It would be nice to hear stories from you for a change. Do share those, I’ll honestly love to hear them.


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