The other day I woke up; late because my phone was absent to perform its duties as my alarm, and as soon as I woke up I fired up my computer; my  primary connection to the world outside these days again because​ of the sorrowful absence of my phone.

I should’ve​ done this!

I opened my mailbox, where a blinking message was waiting for me.

 ” Bad things happen to good people.” 

This was the subject of my morning mail.

A friend of mine had just found out about my phone and wrote a small sweet mail to console me. However, what stuck with me was the subject of that mail. 

Bad things happen to good people.

Strange. And absolutely not true.

Good things have happened​ to me on a regular basis in the past and I do hope that they’ll keep happening to me in the future.

And also, how did my well-wisher friend conclude that I was a member of the ‘good people’ clan. 

Normally, if someone comes up to me and says that I’m a good person, I would say thank you. But if, I’m in my writer-mood, the deep thinking and showoff-y kind, I’d say “I’m just a good actor.”

And that’ll be true too. 

I never wish ill about anybody but to be fair I always felt that to be a good person sometimes you have to hide your bad side.

Good people are probably just better actors so they are able to hide the darker shades of their personalities relatively easily.

And I’m just one of those good actors. I am not, and I can’t believe that somebody else either, can be 100% good. 

So in theory, all are good and still all are bad. Depends on what they show and decide to hide.

And so just like a certain bad accident, which resulted in me getting detached from the world, Good things do happen to me. And to Good people too. And bad things happen to bad people just the same.

Who says the Dragon slayers of the world do not get burnt? 
If you are living your life right, then your life is going to have a lot of bad, awful moments. Doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve them.

Live. And face all the good and bad days of your life with all your​ glory.

If only my phone was this smart!

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