Well yesterday, I lost my mobile phone in probably the most stupid ( and a tiny bit funny ) way ever. I was returning from a party with my friends in one of my friend’s car and while sitting on the seat next to the driver, I kept my mobile phone on the space above the dashboard.

None of us were drunk, but exhausted from all the dancing we pulled down all the windows and then a friend on the back seat decided to put her head out of the sunroof, and I joined the suit. My friend who was driving tried swirling the car, to give us a roller coaster-like experience and in the midst of all this somehow my phone just flew out of the open window and crashed on the road- broke down and switched off.

I did notice the missing phone as soon as we re-entered the car and instantly started to search for the missing item. Soon it even started to rain and in the darkness of night, all of our efforts to find my phone proved fruitless.

I never sit on the passenger seat because it’s usually my friend, the girl who stuck her head out of the sunroof, who prefers to sit there. We never open the windows of the car, particularly because my hometown’s temperature is never on the cooler side of the thermometer. And I definitely don’t usually stick my head out of holes in cars.

And yet all of this and more circumstances were created which resulted in me being left without a phone. Permutations and combinations had gotten the better of me at least this time.

'I can't just screw things up. Oh no, I have to do it royally.'
Photo Credits: CartoonStock.com

I along with my friends have now started to believe that I am now a proven and certifiable screw-up. Maybe I have some bad voodoo luck, but more often than not such stupid mistakes keep happening to me or as my friends like to quote it, I keep happening to such stupid mistakes. And unfortunately in a weird way it makes sense too.

I wasn’t particularly upset to lose my phone, mainly because… well I don’t know why. But I do realize that it probably will be a long hiatus from the modern tech savvy, mobile-phone-indispensable lifestyle. The reason obviously being “I don’t know how to ask my parents for a new mobile phone” as I tell my friends.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell you how blissful the life beyond the screens is. I may be a little old fashioned but I know how important technology is and even I wouldn’t have listened to someone telling me to shed my gadgets.

So, having cleared that I am neither particularly happy or sad with the recent events of my life, I’ll jump back to the first line of this blog.

I the screw-up. I hope that by now, all of you agree on this part.

But why and how? I need to solve this mystery.

I am not careless or clumsy or absent-minded or a day dreamer. Okay, maybe sometimes I am.

On second thoughts, let this remain a mystery for the time being.

And now for the anti-climax; there is an upside to being a screw-up too.

If you were to check the date of the last blog I published on this site, you’ll see the date as February 16th. It has been almost a month. I liked the last blog I wrote so much, that I kept delaying writing another one, trying to find the right time and the right topic to write about.

I couldn’t find something that appealed me and hence a month long gap.

What changed now?

I lost my phone. The single greatest source of entertainment I had. And I got so bored in a single day that I had to do something, so I decided to write a blog after all. Also, broadcasting to the world that I’m now officially a screw-up, seemed like a topic worthy enough to supersede my last blog, the blog where I wrote about making a dent in the universe.

No, actually it is truly worthy. I know I end up making things bad, and I did have a bad day yesterday but eventually something good, albeit small, did come out of it. So, it wasn’t all that bad.

Wise men will tell you, “No day is a bad day.”

To be honest, to me, it feels like lately, every day is a bad one.

But what i’ve realised is that even on the worse of days, a silver lining is not very hard to find. All you need is a bit of time. And some patience. And a little perspective too.

Remember this, this is very important! Tiny bit of time, some patience and a little perspective, that is your recipe for magic right there.

Level 21!

Thanks for reading.


If you look around, I’ve made a lot of changes to the site, including the name. Please let me know in the comments what you think about these changes. And yes a heads up, I’ll probably continue changing things here a bit more.


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