Do you ever wonder what would be being buried under the ground feel like?

When I was a little human, which now feels like centuries ago, I used to think of this ritual as completely absurd. What if someone is burying me and I decide to get up for some fresh air. What if miraculously I come back from the land of the dead? How will I get out of the coffin buried six feet under the ground?

Well obviously, as I have grown up I have started to understand the concepts of life and the finality of it, a little better.

A little sad, isn’t it?

The more I learn, the less hope I carry.

As a kid, I believed even something as final and inevitable as death can be overcome.

And now, an almost engineer, I declare I am having a bad day if I get a burned toast in my breakfast.

Past few months were supposed to life altering and super important for me, but so far I haven’t been able to deliver on the promise.

I am struggling to get into colleges, I thought I would stroll into. Something went wrong and now, I am starting to feel that maybe this whole MBA thing isn’t made for me.

Let’s leave the sad MBA college stories here for the time being.

I’ll tell you the story I’ve been living for the past few days.

If you follow my blog regularly, you should already know that I am a volunteer at Make A Difference. For the newbies here, Make A Difference is an NGO and through MAD, I teach kids living in the shelter homes in my city.

So, as a part of MAD curriculum we take the kids we teach to a 3 day holiday at a campsite.

3 whole days with the kids, plus I was the safety and risk management lead ( basically, my job was to keep all the 50 kids at the campsite super safe) you can imagine the nightmare I’ve been through. These little 4-feet devils wouldn’t let me rest for one second. I had to run in every direction and grab as many as I could away from the danger zones (huge swing sets) to ensure that the kids were safe.

2 days after the dream camp and I’m still feeling the effects.

And yet Dream camp is a memory, I know, I’ll cherish forever.

There is so much to learn from the kids, not to say, their undying hope. But the one thing I learned when I was watching these kids play was that life is pretty long.

I have already come a long way, have grown so much through the years, currently doing so many things that I once perceived to be impossible.

And yet somehow I was feeling defeated because things right now weren’t going according to the plan.

The plan.

Whatever that plan was, I was sure that I’m falling behind the schedule, that I was running out of time. I believed it was now or never, and if I miss my chance I won’t be able to achieve my dream.

But as I said, these kids showed me, life is not a blink of an eye roller coaster ride, its a 4 week long Tour De France race.

Don’t worry, as long as you are moving in the right direction you won’t fall behind.

All you have to do is make a dent in the universe, And you have plenty of time for that.


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