On 9th January results for my entrance exams were declared, and almost a month later I find myself practicing essays on topics I never write about, for interviews of the colleges I might not get admitted to.

So I figured, if I was going to practice writing, I might as well write something I’m much more comfortable with.

This new year, one thing I decided to write was about all the lessons I’d learned in 2016. I still haven’t given up on that, but for now, I’ll focus on only one of those lessons.
If you’ve watched cricket at some point in your life, chances are you know something about giving a benefit of the doubt. In cricketing terms, it means to not rule a batsman out, because there is a shade of doubt in the umpire’s mind.

When giving someone the benefit of the doubt, you are believing what they say and taking their word because you, yourself, have somedoubt about what happened.

I’ve tried to apply this logic to real life situations too. The year gone by has taught me, that not all of us have their right minds on the shoulders every day. 

It’s not easy to act sane every day. Everyone has their fair share of bad moments, but it doesn’t always mean they’re bad people. 365 days is a long time to not make mistakes or not do something stupid.

Yes. Some mistakes can’t be forgiven. But, the least you can do is acknowledge the struggle everyone is going through. 

I read somewhere, “The most well-rounded people have the sharpest edges.”

You have no idea what kind of day someone is having, so don’t judge but instead try and understand.

Don’t take decisions in haste.You might have to live with them for the rest of your life.

People deserve to get the benefit of doubt. Who knows, maybe they’ll come through, maybe they won’t. Either way, I’ve found it is always worth giving them a second chance.
Thanks for reading.


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