He was good and he was fast and funny and a hero. A super-awesome-hero. I don’t think that’s a word. But he deserves it.


Before I start telling you the sad tale of kid flash’s death (in ‘Young Justice‘), I want to ask you a few questions.
Do you watch cartoons? Or superhero movies? Maybe a TV series? Or better do you read?

The correct answer was yes, because if you said no, then you should take my advice and start reading. You’ll thank me later.

The next question?

Does your favorite character die?

There is a reason why in most TV shows the people’s favorite or the main character, either is never killed or is always killed. The reason being people like me.

When that sword fell on Ned Stark’s neck, I didn’t even believe it was true. I was so naive back then. I couldn’t fathom that a story killed off its main character before even we got to know him. Maybe I could have had been in a better position to understand the whole massacre had he been killed in a manner heroes are supposed to die and not like they did – brutally, unjustly and well, quickly.

He didn’t have an epic monologue like king Leonidas had at the moment of his death. Nor the gut-wrenching revelation of truth like when professor Snape died. Or the sad and bitter end like Augustus waters had.

He just died.End of story.


Kid flash was running to save the world along with The Flash and Impulse. He died because he was trying to save the world from dying. He was slower than both and that is why he died, he didn’t die because he made a mistake. He knew he’ll die if he didn’t stop running but then he was a hero after all, how could he stop. He smiled and then he literally vanished from existence.

I know he didn’t actually exist so he technically can’t  die. And for a person who has trouble believing God exists, I shouldn’t be so disheartened by his or any other character’s death.


But why not?

They don’t exist but they do, don’t they? They talk, do things, show emotions and were heroes.

Why shouldn’t I mourn the death of a hero?
I don’t think I said enough to convince you that Kid Flash was alive. Or more importantly heroes like him exist.

But the thing is we believe what we believe.

You have no obligation to make me believe, that the thing you believe in, is believable. And neither do I.

Believe in the thing that helps you get through the day, makes you believe in good and make you happy.

Don’t bother to find out if it exists or not. If you believe in it, its good enough.

Now, if someone here knows George RR Martin, can you please ask him to try and refrain from killing any more Starks or their dire wolves.


Thanks For Reading:)


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