Story Credits – Wait But Why.

Hey, everybody! I hope you had an amazing week and even if you didn’t, I believe that after reading my blog you’ll feel better. Am I being too optimistic?

Well, I had an amazing week, so I have all the reasons in the world to be optimistic. Last week, I met my old friend Pixel Man – or as I call him ‘ The Unhappy Pixel Man’. You’ll know soon enough why I call him by that name. Anyway, I was meeting him after a long time so needless to say I was delighted. Before I tell you about my long due meeting with Pixel man, I think I should tell you a little about him.

Pixel man is actually a pixel ( the name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it?) and he lives alone on a blank white canvas. A single pixel in a whole canvas. For each day Pixel man lives, he fills one-pixel space on the canvas.

I met him a few years back, that day, Pixel Man was unhappy, though. He is also a reserved guy so I didn’t exactly know why he was unhappy. I tried asking him but didn’t get a proper answer. A fellow worker of his, told me Pixel man thought his job wasn’t good. He thought they didn’t pay him enough for the job he does. Or maybe he was unhappy because he was lonely and wanted a girlfriend.

Whatever the reason was, one thing I knew was sure, Pixel Man was sad. How did I know that?

Well, he was filling the canvas with spaces of dull grey colour. Pixel Man was indeed very unhappy.

But, after a few centimetres of dull grey lines, the colour started to brighten up a little. It changed into bright yellow. He had been promoted, he told me. He had finally been rewarded for his hard work. The pay was good now, and Pixel Man was happy.

After a few streaks of yellow, the colour changed again. It was now a radiant red. “I met a girl yesterday,” He told me, brimming with happiness, exhibiting a crooked smile ranging from one ear to the other. “She is absolutely amazing.” He added.

Things started to look good for my friend, Pixel Man.

Unfortunately, after a few stretches of red, the colour again started to dull a little. I naturally grew worried for my friend. “The workload in my new position is always increasing. And my girlfriend keeps complaining that I don’t give enough time to her.”

In the next few days, I noticed the colour getting duller and duller. Even I had a busy schedule, so we both lost touch with each other for a few years in between.

Last week when I met him, we chatted for a while. “I’ve had a very colourful life, my friend.” Speaking of the ups and downs of his life. He urged me to have a look at his canvas.

His canvas was now almost half filled, with colours ranging from grey to red to white to blue. Yes, indeed the canvas was filled with a variety of colours but the colours didn’t seem to be forming any picture.

Pixel Man got disappointed when I pointed out this for him. He told me he dreamt of having a beautiful life and this is all he ever wanted. But now, looking at his disfigured canvas he sadly admitted that his life dream could never be accomplished. And my friend, the unhappy Pixel man, sunk his morale even lower.

He failed to realise something very elementary.

Pixel man thought his life was the canvas and one day when his canvas will have a beautiful picture and that day he’ll live a happy life. So, every day he waited for that day, every day he chased that day.

If only he would have realised that he didn’t have to make the whole canvas beautiful but only  the small one-pixel space he lived in every day. To make a beautiful picture on the canvas, all he had to do was make sure his pixel was of the right colour.

His life was the canvas but he lived in the pixel. Every day he lived his life.

Pixel Man spent so much of his time waiting for the great day of his great life, he always dreamed of, that he forgot about the small great amazing things he has today.

Just the right colour in every pixel and the canvas would take care of itself.

Unfortunately, Pixel Man wouldn’t listen to me. So, if any of you see a Pixel Man around you, just smack him on his head and remind him to live in the Pixel.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Let red be the colour of your pixel today or whichever colour makes you happy.






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