It’s been a while now, since I last sat down in front of my computer screen and tapped these keyboard keys relentlessly to write one of these blogs. This weekly routine of mine is no mere hobby though. It helps me practice my writing skills, those I hope will improve sometime in the near future, but that’s not the only reason. 

Everytime I look around in search for a new topic to blog about and shove my opinions on you people, I am actually looking at things, even the things regular in my daily life with a different perspective – a writer’s perspective.

 For example drinking coffee becomes ‘I lifted the cup that could make it all just bearable and gulped down the liquid’ , a towel becomes ‘a cape’ for a superhero, people around me become ‘human beings’ and also a subject for my experimentations and abstracts like ‘chaos’ suddenly become too real to ignore.

Writers are really strange people, what goes inside their wretched minds is something you wouldn’t want to know.

So back to the pressing issue, seeing world with a writers perspective somehow fills me with a weird sense of optimism – a word meaning of which is sometimes lost to the humans residing in this world ( see I did it again). After all a writer will always believe that every story has a happy ending.

Therefore with all the proof that I have presented I would assume it’s safe to say that writing is a good habit and one I should keep doing.

Afterall, Good habits shouldn’t die so easily.

The reason why I haven’t been able to practice this habit is because of, among other things, the recent increase in my work load, by which I mean I need to dedicate more time to study to prepare for my exams. Also, Make A Difference makes sure that I don’t get to spend my sundays laying around lazily. Which is why bothering to write a blog which not enough of you read seems like a unnecessary task. 

With the certainty that my work load is only going to increase, I probably wouldn’t be able to religiously follow my strict schedule of ‘a blog every Monday.’

But obviously every one leads a busy life these days, and I’m sure you would have had a hobby that due to your busy schedule are not able to do. I hope you feel guilty for not being able to practice that hobby of yours because if you are feeling guilty that means you have the necessary motivation to change it.

Make time do the things that make you happy. It probably isn’t going to be easy but definitely be worth it. Afterall Good habits shouldn’t die so easily. 

Thanks for reading:)


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