It’s Monday and if you are wondering why I didn’t post my customary blog last Monday, it was because I was sick. I took a sick leave.

 I couldn’t get out of my bed, so instead of sitting in front of my computer and trying to scrape the bottoms of my brain, to think of  a topic to write a blog about , I decided to take the sick leave. Although, on some rare occasions like this, the topic comes sneezing and coughing towards you.

But this isn’t one of those posts where the author tries to spin-off a leave or off-time as a bliss. I hate sick leaves.

I am a lazy human being, yet I hate these leaves. On any day, I find it hard to motivate myself to get up and show up for my work, even though for me, work generally means firing up my computer and put my mind into writing something. It is not hard to imagine on a day where I am allowed to be lazy, how little work I get done. Hence, no blog last Monday. To help motivate myself, I usually come up with some little tricks to fool the lazy being, that I am, into work.

I never understood the concept of ‘a well-deserved break’.  When someone comes up to me and quizzes, “Well done, great job! It was hard work, wasn’t it?”


I can’t imagine a moment in my life where the answer could have had been something else. When someone says hard work, my mind pictures someone like Steve Jobs, working really hard to make a dent in the universe, or Elon Musk, trying to fulfill his dream of dying on the planet Mars. I never believe that I worked hard. Not that, I have achieved or done something which needed a lot of work in the first place. Still, I always feel, I gave the job, maybe self-assigned or given as a task by someone else, something less than it deserved.

It is easy to find flaws in a lazy man’s work.You can very easily see where he cut the corners, and I hate the fact, that I’m almost always the first person to be able to point out them. Maybe that is why I never believe, I worked hard. I always see the cut corners first. And maybe, that’s why I feel absurd, when my friends express a feeling to celebrate after they feel we have accomplished something. I simply never feel as though I did some work that warranted a cause for celebration. That is why the concept of ‘a well-deserved break’ fails me.

And that is why I hate being on a sick leave.

About Me.

I write stories about the events of my life, with which I intend to connect with all my amazing readers. Look around, read the stories you like, comment or Tweet me. Tell  me your stories, I always love to hear them.



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