Still only in the first week of college and students are already trying to find ways to be excused from the classes. A two-long month vacation and even still, we didn’t have our fill.

I am a morning person, which my nocturnal friends admit little bitterly. “Why do you wake up so early?” If only I had a dollar for each time they ask me this. “What task could be so important to disturb your mellow sleep?”

Nothing. I try to exercise on most days or read a book but normally I don’t have much to do. It is just a habit, I would rather like to keep. I’ll write a blog some other day to explain more, and to satisfy my friends’ curiosity regarding my slumber hours.

Even still, coming to the class on time is a difficult task for me too. And if you didn’t, then you’ll have to spend the first hour roaming the campus. Fortunately, I did reach class that day on time. Unfortunately I had to sit inside listening to our professor, who might as well be teaching us ‘How to lay eggs’ and we wouldn’t have blinked an eye. Let me correct you if you are thinking I’m some kind of an incompetent student, I am, in a way. I would rarely follow the road of theory, that was being taught to us in the classroom, rather I often found myself making little trails of my imagination, along with fellow classmates of mine.

2 lectures down, I couldn’t handle one more, ” It’s only the first week” I argued with my self-righteous self. Convincing him is, on certain days, a very easy task, perhaps even he couldn’t resist some good air after a nice sleep during the lectures. So off we were, me with my friends. Hanging in the canteen, sharing (read snatching) the food from each others plates. We always have a good time there and good Maggi too. Not long after, it started raining, and there was only one place we thought about going to, when that happened. Home or to find shelter, wasn’t the answer or the popular opinion either.

We decided to visit the nearby lake. The road on our way to it, wasn’t an easy one, and with the rain falling it was made even more difficult to traverse. It was a long and bumpy journey. We did manage to reach our destination without much trouble though. And once we were there, we knew the muddy roads were worth the effort.

Nature has its way to calm your soul. I must have seen that lake so many times before, but watching that lake, stretched magnificently for as far as I could see, with rain falling and fog forming, was a sight I’ll try to never forget. We were drenched and yet all I wanted to do was to keep my eyes focused on the horizon, the fog looked like snow there, the other end of the lake, looked like an island and I had a strong urge to swim all the way towards it. Sights like that aren’t meant to captured on lens, only in your mind. We sat on the edge, with our feet in water to behold the sight forming before us.


As we got up to leave, I thanked everyone. When I left home this morning to attend my classes, I didn’t imagine I would end up here. I thanked all the circumstances that lead me to this lake.

Once back on the city roads, I welcomed the hustling, concrete life of city with sadness. I remembered something that our former beloved president, Abdul Kalam, once said,

“Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do.”

Lesson learned.

Not all lessons are taught in class, Not all sights can be forgotten, some are imprinted on your mind forever and some experiences cannot be planned, just experienced.

Do emphasis on the ‘sometimes’ part of the quote though, not everyday you can have experiences like that and on the rest of days, it is advisable to sit in class and study.


About me.

I write stories about the events of my life, with which I intend to connect with all my amazing readers. Look around, read the stories you like, comment or Tweet me. tell me your stories, I always love to hear them.




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