This post is unlike my previous works. Probably it won’t make sense for most of you, but for the few of you who could make sense out of this.

There was once a girl. She decided to climb a mountain, the highest peak ever. Climbing the mountain was a tough task for even Hercules. Undeterred, she started hiking. The sun was beaming down at her and with every step she grew tired. Fatigued, she decided to take a pause. The peak of the mountain saw this little girl from above and laughed. “How could you even dream of ever conquering me?” He mocked.

The girl didn’t reply, she set her foot towards the peak again. But, she grew tired again quickly. Her mind begged her to stop. She ignored the pains her body was suffering, she went on, reminding herself of what the peak had said. She kept putting one foot in front of the other, determined.

What next?

The little girl was looking down from the peak.


I assume, you people have already guessed the moral of this story.

Keep the fight going. Ignore the pain. Climb high. Search for the light.

Yes. This is true. To achieve, you must keep going.

But, for how long?

Life is seldom like a mountain, urging us to climb it. Often, it throws us in a dark empty well, with no light to follow. How to achieve something, you cannot see. Does it even exist?

Yet, we are urged to keep going. It’s brutal, the things you have to go through. It is not easier for some than others. The thing about obstacles is, it doesn’t feel like one, until it is high enough. It doesn’t matter how high you can jump, you will always have a higher obstacle in your path. It’s never easier for some than others.

The most inhuman part of all is, we still keep going, climbing further and not always in the right direction. Ignoring the pain, wanting it.

The last evil of Pandora’s box, crushes us all-Hope.

The reason why hope is counted in the company of the other evils is because, too often, people are willing to put themselves in pain, all in hope that greater the suffering more are they deserving of the reward.We go looking for pain, as a validation of the hard work. And we believe, at the end of all this misery is our light.

False Hope – The biggest evil of all.

False hope makes even pain feel sweet. Pain is not sweet. It is cruel and you shouldn’t be willing to subject yourself to it, trying to reach for the false light. It is not okay to be in pain.

So, what then, is all hope lost? Are we to stay in this pit forever?

What do we do?

One reason, I like superhero movies so much, is for dialogues like this.

Professor X from the future says this to himself, “It’s not their pain you’re afraid of. It’s yours, Charles. And as frightening as it can be, that pain will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, .it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It’s the greatest gift we have: to bear their pain without breaking. And it comes from the most human part of us: hope. Charles, we need you to hope again.

Ironical, isn’t it?

We hope and that’s why it pains. And still, it is hope, that can get us out of it.

Hope for the light, not the pain. Hate it. Despise pain. Move forward, not so you feel more pain, but to get rid of the one you are in now.

Absolutely hate pain. Run, skip, crawl, if you have to, away from pain, and not towards it. It is not Human, to be wanting to feel pain.

It is Human to hope for it to go away.

Run faster. Hope for a better day and hate pain.









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