First day of college, after a long vacation, is supposed to be a day to feel lazy. The monotony of easy life during vacations is hard to shake off. We have the laws of inertia to thank for that.

One more task, which can expect groans from the students, is when a new teacher comes into the classroom and asks students to introduce themselves. There is something about telling your name to the same 50 people, for the third time in a day, that feels weird to me.

This time it was a senior faculty who came in to conduct the third lecture.While I was already trying to keep fatigue at bay, the experienced one tried a new trick.

He asked us to enlist our career goals along with our achievements.

“Tell everybody what have you achieved in your life?”


Nothing. I couldn’t think of one single achievement. As my apparently successful fellow classmates were spelling out their achievements, I kept thinking,”Did I achieve nothing?”

Well, I was a volunteer working with Make A Difference and Youth Speak Forum; Hospitality head in our college’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell; member of our college’s BAJA team; an active blogger; just last week I scored an unbelievable goal playing with my friends; I fared pretty well in the recent mock CAT exams I took; I woke up without needing an alarm today. All this I could have enlisted as my achievements but somehow, I was convinced that they weren’t worthy enough to be mentioned.

These were my achievements and small as they may be, I still am proud of every one of them (even the last one). But instead of saying all that, I blabbered something and sat down.

Did they ask people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, what did they achieve?

No, maybe the people asking these questions were too embarrassed of what they might say. These super-achievers don’t need to exhibit their achievements to the world. Now, that’s an achievement anybody would be proud to have.

So, they don’t have to answer that question now, but I have to. I’ll probably just keep saying ‘Nothing’ until they stop asking that question.

Actions speak louder than words, this old adage still holds a lot of meaning.

By the way, I mentioned that I dreamed of becoming a entrepreneur and want to contribute back to the society, like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, when asked to tell my career objectives.


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