Finally! Winter has come. And Starks are back, yay!

Not only on the show though, the season of summer here in India is almost over too. And for students, it sadly means the vacations are almost over.

For me, vacations are like something you want sorely at first but then can’t wait for them to end. People who like to travel might disagree. For them, vacations present them the elusive opportunity to visit places they desire.

I hate traveling. I say that almost too proudly, I guess being a rebel isn’t very mainstream yet. The way I see traveling is, you have to leave your home ( where the dear wi-fi is),spend lots of money, spend long hours in not-always your preferred mode of transport, and then go to a place you may not even like. Why do that?



So, when my brothers decided that we should go for a tour, I had my reasons to be circumspect. I finally did agree to go along though. It has been too long I hadn’t been on a trip, one of my brothers pointed out for me.

After coming from a week-long trip, I can safely say, I hate traveling but I love it.

The thing is when you are traveling, you might not always get what you planned for, but what you will always get is a good story.

I had my share of stories from the trip and new experiences to tell. I anyways always find myself short of stories to share.

However, it’s not all about the story, traveling helped me sort out a few things too.

What I realised was that, when you get away from things, you can see them from a different perspective. Tunnel-vision, if you like.

There is something about leaving your comfort zone, that makes the human brain think in a certain way.


I still don’t like traveling, but I wouldn’t pass upon a chance to go somewhere, so easily next time.

Because some days deserve to be better than others,

Some roads need to excite men,

And some journeys have to test your mettle.

Connect deeper.

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