Every morning for me, it’s the same story.
To control my growing waistline, I decided to go for a run every day as I get up, but the lazy being inside me wouldn’t let me step outside of the house.
As I get up, my lazy mode gets activated. A feeling of dread fills me, as I go about my morning chores.
But, then I noticed something , as soon as I step out of the house, like a switch turned off, my lazy mode deactivates and I know I’ll be able to complete my round today.

Now everyday, as I get up, I tell myself,
“Today I’ll only jog for a while and then return” or ” I will just get the feel of everything outside. ”
And then as I step outside, like a routine, the active mode takes over and I go the full round.

This little trick, I have since observed works everywhere.
Once you start, your momentum takes you further.
Newton’s laws of motion apply everywhere.

Well begun is half done.
I’ve heard this quote so many times, during my school days, that I started believing it.

Start first and half is done.
This should have been the quote.

We plan so much, before even taking a step, that it starts to look a whole lot like worrying.
Yes, planning is very important. But there should be action to back it up.

Planning makes us feel like we are doing something significant, and that’s when the instant gratification monkey in our mind, comes into the picture.


So, we keep planning every step, but the part where we actually have to take a step is somehow skipped.

I am guilty of the same thing.
Before I wrote my first blog, I would tinker with the site, note down all the important topics I will want to cover once I start writing, and I did all sorts of other things except the thing that actually mattered, writing the blog!
I must have changed the site theme at least a dozen of times.


Then one day, something somewhere, compelled me to write. I thank whatever that was, because I wrote my first blog then.
That was not my best work but definitely my favorite work.
Favourite because if I hadn’t wrote that blog, I wouldn’t have written this one too.
Simple Physics, your momentum takes you through.


We all have the list of things, which we wanted to work on but are too lazy too start.
Ahh, do them now.

Connect deeper.

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