I have started writing blogs or ‘blogging’ recently. It was something  I had planned to do for a while now.
The reason, I suspect, is maybe, because it gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts and possibly help people learn something. Teaching feels satisfying to me.

And so, I am a teacher too.

I work for a NGO in my city which helps underprivileged kids by providing them better education. I along with my fellow volunteers, teach them on weekends in their shelter homes.

Also, writing blogs makes for a great medium, to share stories with everyone.

The other day I was telling one such story to the kids I teach.
The story is about a superhero, and it goes like this..

One day, a little boy was talking a walk with his father. Suddenly, they see something in the sky.
When they look up, they find superman flying, with his red cape hung proudly around his neck.
He flew right above them.
Everyone exclaimed.
Far away they saw a green monster flying challenging superman.
The little boy looked with his eyes wide open, as an epic battle raged between the two.
Superman threw a punch, the monster ducked, spit fire in reply.
And the fight went on.
But as heroes always do, superman finally defeated the monster. Hurrah!
The little boy exclaimed, “Superman is so cool. Wish I had powers like him, so I could be a superhero.”
“Why superhero?” his father asked.
“So, that I could help people! “
The boy replied after pondering for a while.
“And who said you need to be superhero to do that.”
Boy was puzzled.
“Look, can you see the man sweeping over there.” His father said pointing an outstretched arm towards a sweeper sweeping streets.
“He doesn’t look very happy, does he?
Now watch me.”
He went over to the sweeper, shook his hand said thankyou for cleaning up the streets for them and told him, he was doing a great job helping everyone.
“See now, how happy he is. ” Father said on his way back.
” He is a hero, helping clean up the streets. And now, we are too, for helping bring a smile on his face.”
The kid knew at that instant what he wanted to be when he grew up, a superhero, just like his dad.


What is it, to be a hero?
Look in the mirror and you’ll know it.

These lines from daredevil, I sometimes feel, sum us all.

What is it, to be a hero?
Do you need to have the ability to fly or super human strength to qualify as a hero?
No, I don’t think so.
Then what?
Maybe, it’s the idea of achieving something greater than we were supposed to; destined to.
Affecting lives of people who surround us, putting your wants aside to fulfill someone else’s need.
Someone you don’t necessarily know.
To help inspire others and give them hope, even if everything is not as bright for you.
To encourage people to keep going, to hold on a little longer.

This makes an ordinary man, a superman.
Not the ability to fly or super strength but this.
So, then can’t everybody be a hero?

All you have to do is believe you can do some good for others while doing the same for you.

Then, who wouldn’t want to be a hero?

It’s an idea not the ideal.

Help someone achieve something great and you will be the hero, you always dreamed of becoming when you were just a kid.


Like Batman said, in Dark Knight Rises,

“A hero can be anyone.
Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

Batman became my favorite, after I heard him say this, not that he already wasn’t.

So in Batman’s own words, even your neighbor could be a hero.

Be a hero, help someone like we are trying to help the underprivileged kids, through our NGO, ‘Make A Difference.’
It might not look a lot but to the kid it makes a world of difference.
You can contact me to know more about our NGO, and help in any way you want to.


Connect deeper.

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Thanks for reading:)


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