I hope you people like quizzes, because I have one for you right here.
I will start with a simple question first to warm you up.

Q: Sun rises from which direction?
I believe you said East. Correct answer. Okay, that was too easy.

Next question,
Q: What is the center of our solar system?
Sun! Yes, that is the correct answer.

Now for the last question.
Q: Does Earth rotate about its axis?
Yes, and that is how we experience the phenomenon of day and night.

Well, all three above are true.
And yet they are contradicting each other.
Sun neither rises nor sets it is stationary. We think it rises from east and sets in west because our planet rotates on its axis from west to east.

Now, does that mean the first statement was false.
No, we still perceive it the same way, and therefore will obviously believe it to be true.
What this means is,
Truth is subjective.
We perceive what we see.
We form our opinions on basis of what we perceive.
And more often than not we believe our opinions to be true.


Truth depends on a lot of factors and thus, is not absolute even if we believe it to be.
This is the myth about truth.

It is hollow, truth has no power of itself, but of your belief.

Think again now, there are a lot of things we perceive to be true that might actually turn out to be false.

We live in an age where the thing from future can quickly turn into a bygone thing of past.
The truth that we believe in today might as easily become a myth tomorrow.

Think about it,

We never thought somebody could win 8 gold medals in one Olympic year.

Everest was once known to be unclimbable.

People would look at an seemingly impossible task and refer to it as an equivalent of moving a mountain. We had to stop using that phrase because apparently moving a mountain was not impossible now. 

Somebody along the way will probably get tired of listening to the truth and change it forever.
Everywhere, everyday individuals are achieving things that at some point of time were considered impossible.


What then are you waiting for?

Challenge what you know, change what you can, believe in the unbelievable, break the history.

Remember, don’t put a limit on yourself, stop making assumptions on your ability.
We might think of them as true, honest facts but then all the things mentioned above were considered true too.
All it took was one man to destroy the assumptions of many.
Then how hard could it be to surpass the limits that you put on yourselves.


Just keep in mind the myth about truth, it only has as much power as you give it.
Truth can be changed, people have set examples of it before, because they believed in a different truth.
The truth that convinced them that they can achieve what they have dreamt of.

Now, think again what part of your surroundings or else you, that you considered to be once true, would you want to change. The fact that made you feel helpless, that there was nothing you could do to change it, maybe you think that you were born with it.
Gather enough courage to change that truth. Make it into a lie, a myth.
I already told you it can be done and is being done, what is then stopping you!

Connect deeper.
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