Cassius Clay was born black, in a time when the colored were treated as a disease to humanity. His ancestors were slaves and they were shipped in containers to a country of powerful people.
Little did anybody know that, one day this black kid would become the king of the country and the whole world. By his strength and his heart he won all and will be always remembered as the champion, the greatest.


Cassius clay or as the world remembers him ‘Muhammad Ali’ was one of the greatest boxers to have ever played the game.

“I said I was the greatest, even before I believed I was.”

These lines are forever etched in my consciousness. You could call him arrogant but I prefer calling him superhero.


People always need men like Ali to motivate themselves. To keep the fight going maybe, not boxers alone but other beings too.
Life is like boxing they said, you only lose when you refuse to get up.

“Win if you can,
Lose if you must,
Learn from each mistake,
Cry if you can’t help it,
Scream in the agony of pain,
Stand firm when you face your fears,
Alone if you have to,
Throw a punch if you can,
Fall down if you were knocked down,
But remember to always,
Get back up,
Put your feet under your body,
Hands in front,
And keep the damn fight going.
You have no excuse to give up”

These lines sum up Ali well.

He had the heart of champion.
When he died, I read somewhere,

“Count down to ten, and he will get back up. He is Muhammad Ali!
He always got up, even when no one thought he could. ”

I found myself wishing it were true.
Rest in peace champion, the world would never see another like you, and yet you left the world with people who will look up to you and keep their fight going.

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