Last week, I was having a conversation with my friend. I told her that I had started studying for my entrance exams,but I haven’t been able to do that for the past couple of days as I can’t find my book.
To which she replied, “Maybe God doesn’t want you to start studying so early, and maybe he’d want you to enjoy your vacations first.”

I know she must have said it in jest, but the idea of god interfering with my work sounded absurd to me, so I started thinking about it.
(btw she is a very good friend of mine, and I respect her opinion every bit, just sometimes our opinions don’t match, so don’t you go all judgy on her.)

I am an atheist, so my views probably won’t align with the religious folks out there. I want to make it clear that I in no way, want to discredit them or their views, everybody is entitled to have their veiw and this is mine.
I will try to make it sound as reasonable as possible so as to not offend anyone.

There is a story about Newton and how he tried to convince his atheist friend to change his opinion. I read this story on the internet a few years ago, so can’t check for its credibility, but the story is intresting, it goes like this:

“Once Newton invited his atheist friend to his home to show him a new model of the solar system he just made. It was a beautifully detailed model. When his friend saw the model he couldn’t help but praise the model, the beauty and detailing of it.
He then said to Newtown “Must have been a difficult task to make such a model.”
To which the scientist replied “Actually not, I made it by accident.”
The guest thought, his host was amusing him,
“Don’t lie Issac, anybody could tell this model must have taken a lot of effort and time and skill to make. It surely can’t be an accident”
Newton smiled “My dear friend, how is it so hard for you, to believe that this small model was build by an accident, and yet you are so sure that our solar system was made by one. If this model needed human hands to make it, our solar system must have needed God himself to intervene.”
The scientist had made his point. ”

Now, I am an atheist, that part is true, but I never believed that God doesn’t exist, on the contrary I think maybe he does.
But think about it, our solar system consists of 8 round enormous balls of dirt and gasses running circle around a even bigger ball of fire, with little asteroids and meteors running in between.

I would rather have the gods focus on that, rather than them helping me study, or maybe help me gather enough courage so that I can talk to that really cute girl.
Nobody would want to hear in news that somehow Mars crashed in to Jupiter. Sorry for the really bad example but I hope you get the point.


I told you that I think that maybe gods do exist then why am I still an atheist?

Okay, imagine a scenario, you are in school and your teacher gave you some assignment to be performed in a group of two. Now, you didn’t know who the other guy was and he didn’t bother showing up to do the assignment. So you went ahead and did it yourself, it was hard work but you accomplished the task. Now, imagine on the date of submission everyone praises the work and when its time to take credit everyone gives the other guy credit instead of you.

The thing is I don’t like anybody stealing away my credit when it was me who did the hard work while the other guy didn’t even show up. I deserve the credit not that guy.

Yes, many would argue that god helped me without me noticing, sometimes we call it sheer luck.
The reason I don’t let someone give god the credit of my good work is because I don’t want her (why did you assume that god must be a ‘he’ , could be a ‘she’ too) to take the credit of my bad work or my failure either.

I have a long list of failures and while I’m not too proud of it, it does feel satisfying to look at it.

I like to look at it this way, each failure is like a price you pay for the lesson in return. If you won’t try to understand the lesson then you will have to pay the price again and then again, unless you learn the lesson; there is no other way. Sometimes the price may be high and sometimes I would have liked to return the lesson in exchange for the thing I paid for it with but that isn’t how this system works.

Now, if I gave her the credit for all my success then by logic, I’ll have to blame her for my failure too.

And if I were to blame someone else for my failures, then it is robbing me of the opportunity to learn from the mistakes that I committed, there is no way I will be able to learn the lesson. This here, is the main reason I like to call myself an atheist.

I don’t give the credit nor do I let her take the blame, it’s all my doing and that is how you learn.

Believe in God all you want, but never hand her your long list if failures. Keep believing in both and keep them both on par with each other.

You become what you learn.
Maybe this is God’s way of teaching.

Connect deeper.
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