I was watching a tv show the other day,  when my brother came to me. I told him about the show and he said “How can watching lawyers working in an office be interesting?” “Find out for yourself! ” I told him.

A week later I walked in on him with a wide grin on my face as he was the one watching the show this time.
The law-bug had bitten him too.

The television series in context here is “Suits”. A court room drama as they describe it, is a story revolving around Mike Ross, who is an associate of the great Harvey Specter.

One reason why I like this show as much, is because there is a lot to learn from the two central characters of the show.
In one such scene, Mike is explaining a situation pertaining to a case to Harvey, he was trying to figure out his next move in a tricky situation, when something struck him. He asks himself “What would Harvey do?” i.e how would the successful lawyer Harvey Specter react if he faced a similar situation, and he had his answer.


Now, like Mike, I started using this technique of his too. Whenever I found myself lacking in ideas or motivation, I simply ask myself, “What would Elon Musk do?”

For those of you who don’t know Elon Musk ( about whom all of you should), he is an engineer, inventor , entrepreneur, founder of Tesla Motors ,SpaceX, PayPal, Hyperloop, OpenAI.
That list is long, and thus, Elon is a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers and visionaries alike, and needless to say even mine. But you could replace his name with your mentor/inspiration etc, and then ask yourself the same question.

For example before a big test, if I feel lazy or start finding excuses for not studying, I simply ask myself the same question and then undisputedly get back to work (because Elon wouldn’t certainly sleep instead of studying before his big test, right? ).

Connect deeper.
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