Today when I was coming back from my college, I saw a familiar face on my way back. As I took my usual way home I saw a slightly old man sitting in his chair in the veranda of his house. He was my school teacher.

In those days he used to be a young professor to whom everybody looked up to. School children are normally more attracted to the younger staff I suppose.
I remember him walking with his head held up high with some pride . He never carried any books in the classroom, “I don’t need books to teach you, I come prepared or in your terms, I always do my homework.”
Hearing him say that almost made me do my homework,I did it most of the time anyway.
I wonder how must he remember me. I was a bright kid (not trying to flatter myself) during my school days.
But I wasn’t studious exactly,I disliked studying.

He must think of me as some kid with a good brain and yet too lazy to study. Maybe he was right, but since I always looked up to him, it was only natural that I wanted him to remember the best of me too.
When we were kids how small were our aims, all I wanted at that moment was to make a good impression on him.
I don’t suppose I succeeded in it. I remember him scolding me one day “Hey kid, yes you! Stop dreaming in my class. ”

I wasn’t dreaming but that wasn’t the part that offended me, he said hey kid and not my name. I had failed to make an impression on him, let alone good one.

Cutting the flashback, I saw him sitting calmly over his chair in his house today.
He probably looked older than he should have. Distant from the charismatic young professor who once taught us about computers.
He probably didn’t notice me, and even still I sat up straight while driving across him, maybe still trying to make a better impression.
I am not the same kid anymore though. I have accomplished so much since my school days. I wondered if I could stop by and tell him about me. I wondered if he’ll feel proud of me after listening to my tale. Maybe, maybe not. The young professor probably would have said ” Alright kid, so far so good, but you could have done better.”
That thought made me keep driving, not today I said. Perhaps some day I’ll stop by to make him feel proud but right now I still had some way to go. I was still learning from him, even today.

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